Crisis Management Consultancy & Training Services

  • 1. Assessment

    Reviewing your operational and organisational risks.

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  • 2. Planning

    Developing emergency response
    plans and procedures.

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  • 3. Management

    Crisis roles, responsibilities and organisational structure.

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  • 4. Training

    Design and delivery of role-specific
    team training.

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  • 5. Exercises

    Verifying competence and building confidence.

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  1. 01

    Crisis Management Consultancy

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    Major emergencies associated with your business constitute a risk to property, personnel, reputation and the public. Mapping out these risks, and managing them though scenario planning enables you, your team and organisation to react quickly and in the right manner in the event of an emergency.

    Being prepared also increases awareness that can reduce the risk of an event happening as personnel become more attentive. Crisis Management is about taking proactive responsibility for the risks involved in running your business – and working at all times to maintain your safety record.

    Our expert crisis management consultants will work with you, and your management teams, often at board level, to ensure you are aware of the risk-scenarios and that you are prepared for the worst. We can help to identify all risk, operational and organisational, and assist in the development of strategic emergency response plans and emergency performance standards. In addition, we can advise you on the crisis-critical elements of facility design and equipment procurement, and on all aspects of emergency team organisation and plans for mobilisation and handover. Working with us, you will be reassured that your business is crisis ready – at every level, and every day.

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    Crisis Management Training Services

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    With over 20 years’ experience preparing individuals and organisations to deal with critical situations, we deliver realistic and robust crisis management training that can be tailored to fit the needs of specific industries and individual customers.

     We provide a wide range of specialist services including the assessment of current training arrangements and resources, assessing the competence of personnel, and creating a full training programme to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence that are fundamental to the handling of emergency situation.

    Options for training programmes range for full-scale scenario-based exercises onboard or onsite through to simulation-based training in our world-class crisis management facilities around the world.

    During the training participants will be confronted with incidents that can occur while they are executing their normal daily activities. Various realistic scenarios, matched to work processes and procedures, train the participants on how to act and communicate in crisis situations. The scenarios can include both senior and operational staff.