Competence Consultancy & Verification Services

Our competence management team works closely with customers to design and implement tailored competence assurance systems.

Whatever the nature of your business, our specialised consultants help you assess, verify and improve safety-critical competencies at every level.

  • 1. PLAN

    Ensuring that your verification process is relevant.

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  • 2. ASSESS

    Realising the benefits of onsite/onboard assessment.

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  • 3. REPORT

    Creating an objective an auditable trail of evidence.

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  • 4. RECTIFY

    Focus on rectifying any failures or short-comings.

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  • 5. IMPROVE

    Delivering continuous improvement in competence.

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You can expect:

  • A tailored competence and verification solution that is right for your business
  • Access to a team of international experts and a proven method of competence verification
  • A flexible, fully managed approach designed to assess all aspects of competence
  • Clear reporting and measurement criteria to help you measure progress year-on-year

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  1. Professional Competence Consultancy

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    Today, safety-critical competencies are a priority for employers across diverse industries – from offshore oil and gas and maritime shipping to wind power and industries such as chemicals and aviation.

    As an employer, you must be able to confirm that current employees possess both the knowledge and practical skills required to meet safety-critical standards. Our professional competence consultants will work closely with you to deliver a tailored competence package relevant to your business. Our flexible approach will lay the foundations for a competence system designed to meet your exact needs and provide real value.


    Our consultancy services include:


    • Competence System Health Check 

    • Full Competence Management System (CMS) Audit
    • Contractor Competence Compliance Review/Audit 

    • CMS Project Management 

    • Coaching/Mentoring 

    • Support to gain and maintain CMS Approval 

  2. Onboard/Onsite Verification of Competence

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    In high-risk roles, the verification of an individual’s safety-critical competencies is clearly vital regardless of whether they are managers, supervisors, employees or contractors. A robust process for verifying competence will help to reduce the risks, protect people and meet your duty of care.

    We can help you to develop and implement a plan for the verification of competence that will not only be relevant for your business, but also to the employee and the operation or task under review. Working together, we will establish an assessment program for delivering the continual improvement of individual safety critical competencies in your business.

  3. The Verification of Competence Assessment Program

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    Verification of Competence is based on the principle of assessing the level of competence of each individual and/or team – and then reporting any areas requiring improvement.


    The Technical Assessment consists of two parts: the assessment of the technical installation on functionality, state of readiness, instructions for use and level of maintenance; and the assessment of each individual in terms of their safety-critical competencies.


    The outcome of each assessment is captured in a spider graph with indicators for strengths and weaknesses – highlighting future training needs. In situations where the outcome of the assessment is below a predetermined level, refresher training will be proposed and delivered onboard if possible. In the management report – a ‘to do’ list will identify areas of concern that require immediate action. This list will be shared direct with the onboard management.