Delivering Canadian compliance training in Norway

The challenge

Transocean, a global provider of offshore drilling services, was preparing to sail a semi-submersible drilling rig into Canadian waters.

Due to major differences in the legal requirements for offshore training between Canada and other international jurisdictions, Transocean was faced with the difficult task of ensuring 80 Norwegian crew were fully trained and compliant under the Canadian jurisdiction – before they could sail the rig.

As the option of sending all 80 employees to Canada for weeks of training would be expensive and logistically challenging – a new solution was required.


The solution

RelyOn Nutec in Canada worked closely with colleagues in Norway to set up a project plan for providing Canadian training in Stavanger, Norway.

FSSC shipped all necessary equipment, such as simulator panels, suits, rafts, SCBAs and harnesses, to enable the training to be carried out in Norway. FSSC also sent four instructors over to Stavanger to deliver the six Canadian training courses to 80 Norwegian employees over six weeks.

The outcome

  • All crew on the Transocean drilling rig were in compliance with local regulations and successfully sailed the rig to Canada. 
  • By removing the burden of large expenses like travel and hotels, RelyOn Nutec Canada saved the customer between $460,000 to $620,000 USD.
  • This project was a huge success