Military courses

RelyOn Nutec Canada provides Underwater Egress Training for the Royal Canadian Air Force. We provide training for many different segments of DND including industrial programs for the Navy, and more.

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RelyOn Nutec Canada - Locations

For the past 6 years RelyOn Nutec Canada (Formerly Falck Safety Services Canada) has provided Rotary-Wing Underwater Egress Training (RUET) for the Canadian Department of National Defence.

We employ a group of highly qualified Canadian aircrew with over 100 years of Underwater Egress Training experience. Our instructional team comes from a wide range of Canadian Military backgrounds including SAR Technicians, Pilots, Clearance Divers, ALSE Technicians, Infantry and Dwyer Hill members.

This diverse experience ensures that our instructors can closely relate to all aircrew positions and fully understand the operational challenges they face.

Our team believes in constant improvement. We continue to work on our skills daily to ensure we’re providing the most advanced training programs in the world.

Our instructors have travelled to military bases across Canada such as 427, 450, 423, 406 and 413 to talk to aircrew, view aircraft, participate in training flights, and contribute to the development of critical lifesaving procedures.

Our instructional experience extends well beyond Canada as we are regularly contracted to train military aircrew around the world.

These deployments provide a rare opportunity for our instructors to learn how other military units and squadrons operate so we can create the most modern training practices and apply them to our local RUET programs.


Military RUET Course Offerings:

  • CH-148 Cyclone RUET
  • CH-149 Cormorant RUET
  • CH-47F Chinook RUET
  • CH-146 Griffon RUET
  • CH-124 Sea King RUET


Military Industrial Training Courses:

  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • Fall Protection Rescue
  • Technical Rope Rescue
  • Fall Protection Equipment Inspection
  • Safe Climbing Techniques