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Combined Slinger and Rigger Training

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Aberdeen

GBP 10.50

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Teesside

GBP 10.50

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Combined Slinger and Rigger Training


This course is aimed to provide candidates with the required knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation and provide them with the skills and techniques use during lifting operations and the correct and safe use of equipment

Target Group

Delegates attending this training and assessment programme will be given a series of explanations and demonstrations which will identify what they are expected to know and do when involved with either slinging and lifting or rigging operations. This will be followed by practical exercises which will allow delegates to demonstrate their skills and be individually assessed by an experienced assessor.


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On successful completion of this course delegates will have completed a theoretical test and have participated in various practical content relating to the skills and techniques used when slinging, rigging and lifting of loads

On successful completion delegates will be issued with an OPITO approved Banksman and Slinger (Stage 1) and Rigger Training (Stage 1) certificates which are both valid for 2 years

Course Contents

Provide knowledge of all relevant legislation and safe systems of work
Preparation of lifting plans
Environmental considerations
Equipment pre-use inspection and thorough inspections
Safe and correct use of equipment
Slinging principles and terminology
Sling angles
Appreciation of crane operating principles
Weight estimation
Hand signalling and the use of hand held radios
Slinging and moving loads including tubulars, unbalanced and pre slung
Undertake Routine rigging tasks including cross haul methods
Undertake various Complex rigging tasks