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NFPA 70 Electrical

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NFPA 70 Electrical


To provide delegates with the understanding on how to work safely around energized and non-energized electrical equipment, as per NFPA 70E-2018.

Target Group

Onshore Electrical Workers




The delegate must score a minimum of 70% on a completion of course written assessment. There is no hands-on evaluation of student performance.

Course Contents

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be able to:
- Establish an electrically safe working environment
- Accurately perform an electrical risk assessment and identify the associated potential injuries
- Safely respond to a victim of electric shock/injury
- Review how electricity works and define basic electrical terminology
- Identify hazardous energy sources in the workplace
- Implement lockout/tagout procedures
- Select, inspect, and safely handle specific safety-related electrical equipment and portable electrical equipment
- Examine and interpret electrical equipment labels and arc flash warning labels
- Define and compare energized equipment approach boundaries (Limited Approach Boundary and Restricted Approach Boundary)
- Determine the Arc Flash PPE Categories in which specific tasks are categorized by the NFPA
- Select required PPE, including arc-rated clothing/equipment