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Fall User/Rescue (8HR) (incl. hands-on)

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Fall User/Rescue (8HR) (incl. hands-on)


Upon completion of the training, the delegate will be able to properly use fall protection equipment and be able to assist with the rescue of a suspended worker.

Target Group

Any offshore/onshore worker who will be working at a height requiring fall protection




The delegate will be required to attain a minimum score of 70% on a written assessment and successfully complete a practical rescue.

Course Contents

The course will include information on the following:
-Discuss OSHA fall protection requirements
-Discuss the methods of hazard analysis
-Identify safe work practices
-Explain fall protection systems and equipment
-Calculate fall distances
-Select proper fall protection including hook selection
-Inspect fall protection systems
-Identify improper fall protection use and practices
-Don and properly fit a full body harness
-Discuss fall protection and rescue regulations
-Assess fall hazards to determine rescue methods
-Discuss the record keeping process for rescue equipment components and systems
-Develop a written fall protection and rescue procedure
-Use the "First Man Up" pole