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DOT Hazardous Materials Transport General Safety (8-hour)

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DOT Hazardous Materials Transport General Safety (8-hour)


To instill within the candidates the necessary knowledge needed for safe handling, transporting and storing of hazardous materials

Target Group

Personnel handling, transporting, packaging, and/or manifesting hazardous materials




The candidate will be required to score a minimum competency of 70% on a written exam.

Course Contents

This course satisfies 49 CFR 171-180

The topics covered during this training are:
- Introduction - definitions, classifications, standards, responsibilities
- Hazardous Materials Regulations - HM Table use
- Global Harmonized System
- Shipping Papers
- Emergency Response Guidebook and Hazardous Materials Compliance
- Loading and Storage
- Recognize discrepancies
- Labels
- Markings
- Packaging
- Placards
- Accidents/Incidents
- Training requirements
- PPC in chemical spills