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Coastal Navigation

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Coastal Navigation


The objective of the course is to provide the trainee with the knowledge, skill, and understanding of the theory and techniques of coastal navigation.

Target Group

Individuals taking this course will be taking the course to satisfy the requirement for training in Coastal Navigation for a license as 500/1600 Ton Mate or Third Mate or for preparation to take the coastal navigation test module for Mate-OSV.


Students must be able to read and write English.


The candidate will be required to score a minimum competency of 90% on a written exam.

Course Contents

This course references STCW Code Table A II/1
Nautical publications
Lights and the List Lists
Aids to navigation
Magnetic and gyro compass
Variation and deviation
Courses and bearings
Time, speed, and distance calculations
Positions and lines of position
Dead reckoning
Running fixes
Course in current
Estimated positions