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88-hour Celestial Navigation

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88-hour Celestial Navigation


Students successfully completing the course will be able to:

Use celestial bodies to determine the ship's position
Identify and select stars
Determine estimated time of arrival
Adjust the sextant and correct for errors
Measure the altitude of the sun and other stars
Find latitude by Polaris
Determine the zone time of sunset/sunrise
Solve parallel, mid-latitude, and Mercator sailing problems
Solve great circle sailing problems
Use gnomonic charts for planning voyages
Describe and explain the use of buoys in the IALA-A system
Describe the purpose and use of Sailing Directions
Describe the types and causes of ocean currents
Explain the applicability and provisions of maritime conventions, laws, and regulations for U.S. flag vessels

Target Group

Individuals who want to extend the route of their license to 'all oceans'


Students must hold a mate's license or higher and be able to read and write.


The candidate will be required to score a minimum competency of 90% on a written exam.

Course Contents

This course references STCW Code Table A II/1