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Virtual Classroom SQA Assessor

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Virtual Classroom SQA Assessor


Designed to equip assessor – candidates with the skill and knowledge to conduct assessment
against work – based National Vocational Qualifications, industry or company’s own competence standards

Pre-delivery reading to be sent to assessor – candidates in preparation for an interactive exercise and discussion

Target Group

This programme leading to the national certificate is for individuals who, within their
organisation’s competence assurance system, will conduct assessment processes and
practises in the workplace


There are no prerequisites to accessing this course however delegates (called assessor – candidates) should have access to two people who are working, using a set of standards such as those provided by a national awarding/standard setting body or the candidates’ employer, in order to be able to achieve the SQA L&D9DI workplace evidence requirements



There is no formal exam, however as part of the evidence requirements assessor - candidates
are required to complete a knowledge test for each of points 4’a’ to ‘d’ above, to be judged by the RelyOn Nutec allocated assessor as part of the overall submission against the SQA L&D9DI requirements

• On successful completion of the workplace evidence requirements assessor - candidates will
receive the SQA L&D9DI certificate from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).
• A certificate for the SQA L&D9DI will not be issued in anything less than 10 weeks following
registration with the awarding body (SQA).
• There is no expiry for the SQA L&D9DI certificate however it is required that regular assessment activity as well as continuous professional development (CPD) is undertaken in order to ensure that current skills and knowledge is maintained over time.

Course Contents

The online delivery comprises interactive discussion, group and individual exercises covering the following topics:
a. Preparing to assess
b. Planning assessments
c. Assessing candidate performance and knowledge
d. Confirming progression and achievement (incl. Internal Verification)
e. Assessor Skills

Following completion of the online training, supported by their RelyOn Nutec allocated Assessor,
assessor – candidates should return to their workplace with a requirement to conduct
assessments of two candidates, each performing two tasks which result in a total of 4

The assessment evidence generated by assessor – candidates in the workplace should cover
all of the requirements set out within the SQA L&D9DI Unit, to include:
• Notes relating to pre-assessment planning discussions
• Assessment Plans agreed with the candidates
• Records detailing assessment decisions
• Feedback records used to convey progression / achievement to the candidates
• Records of the standardisation activities the assessor – candidate has been involved in

Once completed the evidence of assessment should be submitted to the RelyOn Nutec
allocated assessor for review and assessment against the performance and knowledge criteria
within the SQA L&D9DI Unit with feedback and guidance given on further evidence (where
required). There is no end date for this however it is recommended that this be achieved within
12 months from the date of Online Training to ensure that the application of learning is considered current.