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GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Aberdeen

GBP 7.00

Excluding tax

Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Teesside

GBP 7.00

Excluding tax

Please make sure pre-requirements are met

A valid GWO or RUK First Aid Wind Turbine certificate/Sea Survival Certificate/Working at Height and Rescue Certificate/Manual Handling Ceritificate and Fire Awareness Certificate or a valid GWO or RUK First Aid Wind Turbine Refresher certificate /Sea Survival Refresher Certificate /Working at Height and Rescue Refresher Certificate/Manual Handling Ceritificate and Fire Awareness Certificate is required for attending this course.

GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher


The aim of BSTR is to review and build on previously gained knowledge and skills from BST through theoretical and practical training. This BSTR Training shall enable delegates to support and care for themselves and others working in the industry by possessing the knowledge and skills of First Aid, Working at Heights, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Sea Survival and in case of an emergency, to be able to evacuate, rescue and provide appropriate First Aid to casualties.

Target Group

GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher (BSTR) is aimed at personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields and will have their duties in a wind turbine environment, usually in physical contact with a wind turbine or an offshore wind structure.


All delegates must hold a valid and in-date GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) Certificate, or
Have training records in WINDA for the relevant Modules.


Upon completion of the course, delegates will be awarded with GWO approved refresher certification for all 5 modules.
Certification for each module is valid for 2 years. Prior to expiry delegates must retake GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher to remain certified.

Course Contents

First Aid – learn to administer safe and effective First Aid in the wind turbine industry/ WTG environment and to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use an automated external defibrillator (AED).
Manual Handling - encourage positive Manual Handling and ergonomic behaviour, encourage delegates to consider alternatives to manual handling through planning and to train delegates ability to perform Manual Handling tasks in a safe manner in the wind turbine industry/environment
Fire Fighting – learn basic firefighting knowledge and skills and be able to prevent fires, evaluate fires and plan accordingly, manage evacuation of personnel and efficiently extinguish an initial fire by using basic hand held firefighting equipment.
Working at Heights – learn to use basic personal protective equipment and perform safe work at heights and safe and comprehensive basic rescue from heights in a remote wind turbine environment
Sea Survival - learn the basic knowledge and skills to act safely and take the correct preventive actions in all aspects of offshore operations from shore to installation vessel or WTG and vice versa, both during normal operation and in an emergency in an offshore wind energy environment.