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Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training

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Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training


The course is designed for the delegates to acquire basic knowledge and skills through a combination of lecture presentations, group discussions, demonstrations, individual & team exercises utilising a confined space simulator based in accordance with the HSE confined space regulations

Target Group

This course is aimed at persons working in confined spaces which have non-standard entries and which, in consequence, makes rescue difficult. It is likely that a hazard will be present at some time during the entry and will entail the use of self-contained open circuit breathing




Successful delegates will be issued with a RelyOnNutec certificate of course completion

Course are conducted at RelyOnNutec training centres at Aberdeen and Teesside

Course Contents

Relevant Legislation and Guidelines
Classification of Confined Spaces
Confined Space Hazards (including Oxygen Deficiency and Enrichment)
Safe Working Procedures (including use of Confined Space Entry Permits/ Gas Monitoring
and Atmospheric Testing/ Ventilation/ Communication methods)
Equipment and Tools (including use of Gas Testers)
Working in Teams (including Standby Persons/ Entrants/ Emergency Teams)
Practical Exercise - Prepare to enter and work safely in high risk confined spaces
Practical Exercise - Enter and exit confined spaces safely
Procedures for dealing with emergencies (including the need for rescue plans)
Purpose and requirements for using breathing apparatus
Legislation covering BA
The components and make up of a BA set
Pre-use checks and tests
Safe Use of BA and adhering to procedures
After Use Checks
Practical Exercise - Preparing and Using Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Practical Exercise - BA Walkaround
Practical Exercise - Entry and Emergency Exit from Confined Space
Practical Rescue Session:
Pre use of equipment
Setting up of equipment
Rescue exercise (dummy required)
Knowledge Assessment