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Radar Observer (Unlimited) (HOUSTM-399) 5 Day

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Radar Observer (Unlimited) (HOUSTM-399) 5 Day


A trainee successfully completing the course will recognize when radar should be used; will select a suitable mode and range setting for the circumstances, will be able to set the controls for optimal performance, and will be aware of the limitations of the limitations of the equipment in detecting targets and in terms of accuracy.

When within range of the coast, the trainee will be able to compare the radar display with the chart, select suitable conspicuous land targets and use these to fix his position.

The trainee will also be aware of the need to maintain a continuing plot of ship targets which may pose a potential threat of collision; and he will be able to derive from the plot the necessary information about other ships¿ courses, speeds and nearest approaches to enable action to be taken in ample time, in accordance with the rules of the road to prevent a close quarters situation from arising.

Target Group

Individuals who are applying for an original Coast Guard deck officer license for vessels of 500 GRT or greater or uninspected towing vessels.


Students must be able to speak and read in English.


The candidate will be required to score a minimum competency of 70% on a written exam and demonstrate competency in hands-on assessments.

Course Contents

This course references STCW Code Table A II/1
Radar Overview
Radar and the Law
Radar Theory and Operation
Radar Set-up and Operation
Radar for Navigation
Radar Collision Avoidance Radar Plotting
Controlling Target¿s Relative Motion
Maneuver to achieve a CPA at a given distance

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