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Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator

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Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator


Candidate will be able to safely operate pedestal cranes, perform daily inspections, assess rigging safety, properly communicate with rigging personnel and perform routine and critical load lifts.

Target Group

Oil and gas personnel who will be performing in the capacity of an offshore pedestal crane operator. They will be qualified to perform routine and complex lifts, and serve in the capacity as a rigger and designated signal person for other qualified crane operators.


Requirements of the API Training Provider Certification Program will mandate that you complete and sign a statement of good personal medical condition before attending the course. This formality can be completed at SRTCC


Written Exam: 80 % completion required
Practicals: Competent - return to facility under instruction
Not Yet Competent - requires additional training

Course Contents

Crane Types
Regulatory and Guidance requirements
Crane Components
Operational Indicators
Limit Device
Termination and End Fittings
Communication and Signaling
Wire Ropes
Lifting Capacities
Operating Principles

Contact information

Robert, Louisiana

23260 Shell Ln, Robert, LA 70455, United States of America

+1 985 868 1860

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