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OPITO Competence Assessor Certificate

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OPITO Competence Assessor Certificate


On successful completion of the program delegates will be eligible to conduct workplace assessments to OPITO and/or Company in-house competence standards providing they have occupational competence in the discipline area being assessed.

Target Group

This program leading to an industry recognised award is for individuals who, within their organisation are designated to perform in the role of Assessor conducting competence assurance of individuals in their normal work routines.


Assessors in training require to have access to 2 candidates undergoing an assessment process in their workplace, in order to meet the evidence requirements of the OPITO Competence Assessor award which requires the demonstration of Assessment skill, knowledge & understanding.

In conducting 2 workplace assessments, Assessors in training are required to conduct assessments against OPITO or company in-house competence standards as part of their organisation’s Competence Assurance System.


Delegates must complete successfully all theoretical and practical exercises, a theoretical exam and produce two satisfactory portfolios of evidence to obtain the OPITO approved certificate

This course can be delivered at our RelyOnNutec training centre in Wellheads Rd, Dyce, Aberdeen or at clients premises.

If at clients premises the client will be required to provide details of emergency procedures and other relevant house rules

Course Contents

2 day Induction: Tutorial led discussion with practical exercises throughout to reinforce key learning points with a formal knowledge assessment at the end of Day 2. The Induction is held as company specific, tailored to support optimum benefit for attendees through focusing the learning around the organisation’s own internal competence system requirements, assessment procedure and documentation.

Topics covered during the 2 day Induction:
• The reasons for having competence systems in the workplace
• Roles and responsibilities of Assessors and Internal Verifiers
• The assessment process
• Evidence types and methods of assessment
• Judging evidence and making objective assessment decisions
• Assessment record keeping requirements
• Confidentiality and data protection in assessment
• How to deal with special assessment requirements, disputes and appeals
• Giving and recording constructive assessment feedback to candidate
• Quality Assurance of assessment

Demonstration in the Workplace: To meet the practical evidence requirements of the program the requirements to undertake 2 workplace assessments are to be completed within 12 months of attendance at the 2 Day Induction. Once completed the 2 assessments are subject to quality assurance by the organisation, to be carried out by a qualified Internal Verifier or the person internally who is responsible for the quality assurance of assessment decisions. Thereafter the completed Assessor portfolio is submitted to the RelyOn Nutec Assessor for review and certification issued on successful completion of the OPITO Competence Assessor requirements.