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Accident/ Incident Investigation

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Accident/ Incident Investigation


This course is aimed at personnel within you organisation that are responsible for Reporting & Investigating Accidents and Incidents at work, each company must comply with HSE regulations legislation and record all incidents regardless of how serious or minor these may be. This course will require delegate participation in various practical Scenarios and classroom role play which will provide delegates with basic knowledge and understanding of the importance of Accident and incident Reporting and also provide them with various techniques for when investigating any Accidents at work. The course is a combination of both Theory and practical specifically focusing on classroom role platy and delegate participation.

Target Group

A typical day at work, targets being met, satisfied clients, satisfied and happy staff throughout. It'll soon be the weekend - great!

Rather suddenly, out of the blue, there has been an incident, this time an injury. Staff morale, well you can imagine. So here we go, how do you deal with an investigation? We at RelyOn Nutec Onsite can prepare specially selected members of your team to be able to form part of your investigation team in conjunction with your QHSE Department.


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On Successful completion delegates would have successfully completed a theoretical test, and have shown their ability to Investigate / Report Accident & Incidents at work whilst acting out various possible work place scenarios and reporting the outcome of their investigations

On Successful Completion of this course delegates will be issued with an In House Training Providers Certificate

Course Contents

The Requirement of investigation
The aims and objectives of investigation
Accident/incident theories
The identification of the causes of accidents/incidents
The importance of speed of investigation
Interview techniques and statements
The use of photographic and video evidence
The need for site/equipment quarantine
The techniques of dealing with fatal illness or accident
Formulation of files and reports
Formula for frequency rates
Monitoring of standards.