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Pakking, sikring og transport av last NOG modul O-2.6

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Pakking, sikring og transport av last NOG modul O-2.6


The objective of the training is that the person who is given training acquires sufficient knowledge about packing, securing and transporting cargo as well as user control of load carriers. It includes the entire logistics chain from supplier to customer and visa versa to ensure that unwanted incidents are not caused.

Target Group

Personnel who lead, coordinate and work with securing cargo


Lifting tool / Strap course module 1.1-2.3 or O-1.1


Theoretical and practical test.
The theoretical training ends with a written multiple-choice examination. The written exam consists of 30 questions. At least 24 correct answers are required.

The practical training concludes with a practical test that will ensure that each participant has sufficient knowledge of and can demonstrate: • Proper use of personal protective equipment • User control of load carriers and assess whether it can be used or not • Plan to carry out packing and securing of a given load - Correct protection of the work area - Correct load carrier - Correct use of different load securing equipmentThe practical test is considered as passed if the elements listed below give min. the grade 4 on average, and the minimum grade 2 in a sub-element on a grading scale from 1 - 6 where 6 is best.:• the implementation of load securing • user control of the load carrier • the use of load securing equipment • safety during the load securing

Course Contents

Introduction, Causes of unwanted events, non-conformance reporting
Risk assessment, Regulations, standards and NOG's guidance
Documentation, Personal protective equipment, Various load carriers, planning, user control, packing, Use, control of load protection equipment,

Practical training:
- Use of personal protective equipment
- Implementation of user control
- Plan and carry out loading and securing of cargo
- Proper use of auxiliary tools
- Checklists
- Safety during operation
- Use of barriers
-Theoretical and practical exam

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+47 56 99 92 59

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