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Medical First Aid - 24 hours

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    3 days

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    NOK 10,131.00 - NOK 10,637.00

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Medical First Aid - 24 hours


The course aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to perform best when accidents occure on-board. The course is built on STCW table A-VI/4-1 Medical First Aid.
Approved by STCW-78 with the Manila 2010 amendment.

Target Group

Medical First Aid for officers, as well as medical first aid emergency personnel on-board.


Basic safety training.
Officers also need the advanced safety training for seafarers.


Written test with multiple-choice answers.
Your practical skills will be evaluated individually according to the competency demands set out in STCW.

Course Contents

The course covers:
- Practical first aid exercise with markers.
- Life saving first aid.
- Treatment of injuries
- Nursing
- Acute illness
- Burns
- Broken bones
- Head, neck and back injuries
- Pshycological/psychiatric challenges on-board
- Radio Medico
- Medical emergency
- Toxic dangers on-board