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G11 Kontrollør av løfteredskap (KOSAR)

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G11 Kontrollør av løfteredskap (KOSAR)


After completing the course, the student will conduct a theoretical and a practical test to show that he / she has acquired sufficient knowledge of laws, regulations, standards thermology, structure, certification, marking, control and disposal rules for different types of lifting tools, as well as control procedures, NDE , composition of tools and completion of certificates and control reports. After completing the course, the candidate should be able to independently carry out an expert periodic inspection.

Target Group

Personnel wishing to take a theoretical and practical test for control group G 11 Lifting Equipment


At least 18 years at the beginning of the course


Theoretical test without aids includes: (about 1 ½ hours) Theoretical examination with aids includes: (about 1 ½ hours) Practical test with aids include: (3 hours) • Control of 5 flat straps and 5 round sling • Control of 2 chain tools • Control of 5 wire rope loops • Checking of 5 shackles • Checking of 5 eye bolts • Checking of 2 clips • Practical assembly of a chain tool with filling of the nameplate and certificate

Minimum attendance for obtaining a final exam:

Course Contents

Theory 20 hours
Order, special, marking, control and discarding rules:
Chain tools, Fiber, Steel rope, Shackles, eye bolts etc.
Laws, regulations and standards
Control procedures
NDE (Non-destructive evacuation)
Theoretical composition tool
Filling in certificates
Exam theoretical test

Practice - 20 hours
Practical exercises in control and control procedures
NDE, Practical composition of chain tools
Practical use of supplier information
Exam practical test

Contact information


Tømmerodden 10, Hundvåg, 4077, Norway

+47 56 99 92 59

Opens 8:00 AM on Monday

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