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T-BOSIET/FOET to BOSIET/FOET - Bridging Element Training

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T-BOSIET/FOET to BOSIET/FOET - Bridging Element Training


This Training Programme is designed to bridge the differences between the Tropical BOSIET/FOET and the BOSIET/FOET. This includes use of aviation transit suits and emergency breathing systems (EBS) during helicopter evacuation and escape.

Target Group

Personnel who have undergone training in OPITO’s Tropical BOSIET/FOET and require the extra elements to bridge the gap between the Tropical BOSIET/FOET and OPITO’s BOSIET/FOET.


Personnel must have previously completed the OPITO Tropical BOSIET or Tropical FOET training, and hold valid certificates for these courses.


Delegates will be assessed using direct observation.

Course Contents

• EBS Theory and Demonstration
• Use of Emergency Breathing System (EBS)
• Practical Helicopter Escape Techniques
• Donning an aviation transit suit, aviation lifejacket and emergency breathing system equipment (EBS) and conducting EBS integrity checks.