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Onshore Emergency Response Team Member

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Onshore Emergency Response Team Member


The aim and objectives of the Onshore Team Member Training are to allow Onshore Fire/Emergency Response Team Leader delegates to practice and be assessed on live fire exercises which they would not be able to conduct in a work place.

Target Group

The Target group for the Onshore Emergency Team Leader Training Programme is existing onshore team leader for team members that are required to revalidate their OPITO Onshore Fire Response certification by completing training scenarios which they are unable to take at site.


Delegates must possess any of one of the following:

a) A valid OPITO Onshore/Fire/Emergency Response Team Member certificate.
b) A valid OPITO Onshore Fire/ Emergency Response Further Training certificate.


On completion of this course, a written assessment will be taken.

Course Contents

Selecting and using mobile firefighting equipment to extinguish fires
Selecting and using portable firefighting equipment to extinguish fires
Selecting and using foam equipment to extinguish a fire and/or secure an area
Donning, operating, wearer checking and using working duration breathing apparatus during firefighting and rescue operations search for, and rescue of causalities
Establishing and maintaining effective communications and operating communications equipment’s.