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TM Boat Transfer

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

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TM Boat Transfer


The objectives of the BST Sea Survival module are to ensure:
1.The delegates are able to demonstrate understanding of the advantages and limitations of the different LSA. PPE and PFPE commonly used offshore in the wind energy industry and are able to wear and use them accordingly
2. The delegates are able to demonstrate knowledge of risks related to transfers (dynamic/static – static/dynamic)
3. The delegates are able to demonstrate safe transfer from vessel to dock and vessel to foundation
4. The delegates are able to demonstrate recovery and first aid treatment of a “man over board”

Target Group

This training will focus on the access and egress conditions encountered in wind turbine environments. The practical skills shall be trained and demonstrated in a restricted area of movement and all elements of the course shall be covered by demonstration and practical exercises, where possible.

The target group for this training is personnel working in the wind industry or related fields needing to obtain a TM Boat Transfer module certificate.


No prior training achievement is required.

Delegates participating in the TM Boatlanding training shall be demonstrably medically fit and capable of fully participating.

The delegate may not exceed the weight limit of 124kg due to the weight limitations of the equipment which is used during the training.


The maximum interval between successful completions of the TM Boatlanding is advised to be 24 months.

Dispensation is not applicable for this course.

Course Contents

The aim of this module is, by practical training, to give the delegates the basic knowledge and skills to act safe and take the correct preventive actions in all aspects of offshore operations from shore to installation vessel or WTG, and vice versa.

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