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OIM Controlling Emergencies (OPITO)

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OIM Controlling Emergencies (OPITO)


The OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies assessment determines if an OIM is competent to lead a well-trained Emergency Management Team during Major emergencies on an offshore installation. During the assessment candidates will be confronted with incidents that can occur while executing daily activities on an offshore platform.

To formally assess a candidate's ability to show effective leadership during major emergencies
on offshore installations.

Target Group

Offshore Installation Managers (OIM).


Conditions for Participation:
Prior to taking this formal assessment the candidate is to provide written evidence of being qualified to act as an OIM and has had a leading role in maintaining the emergency preparedness on an offshore E&P installation (Element 1.1 of OPITO OIM CE Standard).


The candidate will be assessed against the following competences in order to:
1.1 Maintain a State of Readiness
1.2 Assess Situation and Take Effective Acrtion
1.3 Maintain Communication
1.4 Delegate Authority to Act
1.5 Manage Individual and Team Performance
1.6 Deal with Stress in Self and Others

The candidate will be assessed during no less than 3 control room simulations during which the candidate has the role of OIM.

The candidate will be assessed by means of continuous evaluation by a trained, qualified and
industry experienced Assessor.

By the end of the course the candidate is to receive a written and specified assessment with the following possible results:
-Competent to show effective leadership to a well trained team during an Emergency;
-Not yet competent to show effective leadership to a well trained team during an Emergency.

The candidate is to score a 1 on all 3 simulations presented to him/her to achieve a positive
assessment outcome. To obtain a second chance a candidate needs to show reasonable
promise to be successful on re-assessment. Only one simulation per delegate can be reassessed.

Course Contents

Duration, the assessment will take 1 day:
Formal assessment to conduct at least 3 control room simulations per candidate.