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Fire fighting advanced and rescue

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Fire fighting advanced and rescue


At the end of the training the Delegate will:
Recognize fire nature. Fire Chemistry. Identify the combustible materials and Fire types. Identify estinguishers and estinguishing materials. Apply Firefighting advanced tecniques. Integrate as Firefighting Brigade Member. Resort to Locate and Rescue injured personnel on Fire Scenario. Recognize and use Rescue equipment correctly.

Target Group

Aimed to workers included in the Facility Firefighting Brigade, Search and Rescue or Private Fire Fighting Team in Oil


Basic Safety Training or Basic Firefighting Training and Self-Rescue, Physical and Medical Aptitud.


Not applicate.

Course Contents

Following topics will be covered during the training:
4 elements fire identification
Adequate tecniques to firefighting
identify fire types as norms and standarts NFPA and mexican NOM-002-STPS-2010.
Correct tecniques to select portable extinguisher according to fire type.
* Water
* Dry chemical dust
* CO2
* Foam
PTW (Hot Works)
Intrinsically Safe Equipment Identification
Fire retardant material application and Explosion proof
Physical ground and estatic electricity control
Estinguisher agents and equipments
Victim Dragging and Moving Tecniques
Hazards and Risks evaluation on industrial process
Detection and firefighting
* Automatic systems (Inert Gas, Dry chemical, Foam)
* Deluge System
* Detección System
Explosive and Toxic Atmosphere
· Emergency alarm, massive communication and notification systems
· Fixed monitoring and pumping systems
· Equipment for Firefighting and rescue
* Rollover
* Flashover
* Backdraft
* Deflagration
* Detonation
Especific FireFighting EPP
Hydrants and hoses
Energy Isolation Procedure
House on Fire Practices

  • Oil & Gas

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