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Confined Space Entry & Rescue

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Confined Space Entry & Rescue


At the end of the course, the delegate may:
Recognize qualified facilities as confined spaces.
Classify confined spaces.
Know the labor legal framework of confined spaces.
Identify specific hazards in confined spaces.
Evaluate the risks associated with the hazards found.
Arrange the necessary controls to minimize the risks.
Apply the corresponding documents to the Occupational Risk Management.
Attend to an accident situation within the confined space.
Have the Rescue procedure in confined spaces.
Execute the best practices and tactics for the rescue of injured in confined spaces.

Target Group

Safety Supervisors, Operative Supervisors, HSE Coordinators and Personnal involved in jobs related to Confined Spaces.


Basic safety course


Delegate shows competence executing practical rescue according to field check list.

Course Contents

The following topics will be covered during training:
1. Introduction
2. Legal Frame
3. Hazard identification and risk assesment
4. Confined Spaces Risk Evaluation
a. Atmosféricos
b. Chemicals
c. Physical
¡. Immersion
¡¡.Noise and Vibrations
¡¡¡.Tempetures and Pressures!!!
¡v. Dust and Mist
v. Light and Radiations
a. Biological
¡. Facilities
¡¡. Work
c. Psicosociales
5. Controls settings according to evaluated risks.
6. Administrative Procedure of Working Risk
7. Accident Prevention in Confined Space
8. Confined Space Rescue Procedure
9. Confined Space Accident Scenario Evaluation
10. Confined Space Rescue PPE and Tools
11. Rescue Type
a. Self- Rescue
b. External Rescue
c. Assisted Rescue with Entry
12. Previous information to develop the Rescue
13.Rescue Plan
14. Rescue Report
15. Confined Space Rescue Practice with injured personnel

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