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Respirator Fit Test – Drager X-Plore, Series 3500, Half Mask-standalone

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Respirator Fit Test – Drager X-Plore, Series 3500, Half Mask-standalone


The fit test measures the seal between the respirator’s face piece and user’s face. The test protocol conducted
verifies whether a specific model, type and size of a
respirator can adequately fit a specific personnel.

Target Group

The fit test is essential for personnel who are working in the upstream oil and gas industry initially assigned to a job that requires the use of tight fitting respirators.


Personnel are to provide details of the type of mask used. In order to minimize the risk of leakage and maximize the quality of respirator fit:
Personnel are recommended to have a clean shave.
Personnel with long hair must tie their hair up.
Any jewelry on the face or around the face shall be
removed during the fit test.



Course Contents

MSTS can provide quantitative tests using half and full masks including Draegar and 3M models. Any other masks supported by our test device’s adapter can also be tested, including MSA and North models.
Clients are advised to bring their own masks for the test.