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Rescue at Height Training 32h

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    4 days

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Rescue at Height Training 32h


This training aims to present a set of definitions, skills and procedures necessary for the composition of a rescue service at height. Part of this is also to introduce safety procedures and protection for rescuers, correct use and selection of appropriate equipment as well as the stabilization and removal of victims in height. Finally, comply with the legal and contractual regulations and requirements in national and international character for the rescue in height.

Target Group

It is intended for emergency response team members who will work in locations with work at height.


- RG and CPF;
- Passport (expatriate);
- Occupational Health Certificate (ASO) or certificate of good physical and mental health conditions;
- Certificate of work at heights accordantly to NR-35.


Multiple choice exam with minimum passing grade of 70%.

Validity: N/A

Course Contents

1. Introduction;
2. Fundamentals;
3. Equipment;
4. Risk Assessment;
5. Emergency Work Team;
6. Rescue Planning;
7. Risk Analysis of the Rescue;
8. Emergency Procedure;
9. Conduction of Rescue;
10. Self-rescue;
11. First Aid.

Hours: 4 hours theory / 28 hours practice