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MOME – Management Of Major Emergencies

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    3 to 4 Day

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Please make sure pre-requirements are met

Prerequisites: - Be more than 18 years old; - RG and CPF (brazilian); - Passport (expatriate); - Submit Occupational health certificate (ASO) or certificate of good physical and health condition;

MOME – Management Of Major Emergencies


The objective of Major Emergency Training is to provide personnel with knowledge, experience and formal training in command, control, communications and stress-related factors in the management of major emergencies so that Emergency Command Teams are able to react effectively to maintain protection to all personnel, environment and assets.

During the course of the training, as a minimum participants will be called to:
• Maintain control and provide leadership
• Exercise Team Management skills through high stress situations
• Delegate duties to emergency response personnel
• Process information from external resources
• Call for medical assistance

Target Group

All personnel who are either designated as being in charge of, are members of, or provide support to an emergency management team in an emergency with programs designed for Offshore Installations, Drilling Rigs, FPSOs, onshore Refineries and Gas Plants.


- RG and CPF
- Passaport (expat)


Assessments/evaluations and/or verification of competence requisites would be drawn up and tailored to company specific requirements. As a minimum, an evaluation will be done at the time through the direct observation of the performance by the responsible instructor. All feedback is provided at the immediate end of each scenario.
Each student will assume OIM position in at least 2 exercises and must demonstrate mastery of the required competencies.

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Course Contents

The MEM course is based on OPITO requirements, but it can be tailored to any company specific project, resulting in a personalized training of the emergency response team. The instructors create “real-life” emergency experiences for the participants which simulate actual emergencies from scenarios taken from the company specific Emergency Response Plans and Procedures.
As a minimum the following includes but is not limited to areas that will be explained, exercised and practiced during the training for MEM:
Planning; Risk Analysis and Resource Utilization; Leadership and Teamwork; Time Outs; Stress; Communication with agencies; Decision Making; Assertiveness; Validation of data; Use of Drawings; Escape Routes; Boundaries; Escalation; Shutdown facilities; Procedures; Public address.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Maritime
  • Other Industries

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