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Forklift Operator Training Course - 24h

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    24 hours

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    BRL 1,385.00

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Forklift Operator Training Course - 24h


To qualify workers to act and drive safelly with forklift

Target Group

Workers that intents to work with forklift.


- RG and CPF
- Passport (expat)
- Occupational Health Certificate (ASO) or certificate of good physical and mental health conditions.


Written test multiple choice ¿ 40 questions- minimum 70% for approval

Course Contents

Theoretical module 08 hrs:
a) the Goal and purpose of Course)
b) legislation
c) additional documents
d) transportation, handling, storage and handling of materials
e) prevention of accidents
f) emergency Plug
g) risk numbers
h) classification of dangerous products
i) risk Classes and storage
j) Manual handling of loads
k) personal protective equipment
l) stability Triangle
m) Control Panel Instruments
n) operation of forklift
o) Route, cargo handling, stacking and destacking
p) safety recommendations in case of tipping
q) safety regulations in forklifts

Practical module 16 hrs.

r) Safety Briefing
s) Operational Checklist
t) Demonstration of practice with the forklift.
u) execution of the exercise for the student.