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Fire Brigade Formation Course - Basic Level - 8h

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Fire Brigade Formation Course - Basic Level - 8h


Provide the student with basic knowledge of fire fighting, brigade and first aid that should be applied in emergency situations.

Target Group

Workers who are in the plan of fire fighting or rescue of the maritime and offshore units, or of industrial spaces.


- RG and CPF;
- Passport (expatriate);
- Occupational Health Certificate (ASO) or Certificate of Good Physical and Mental Health Conditions.


Multiple choice exam with minimum passing grade of 70%.

Validity: 1 year

Course Contents

Fire Fighting:
• ntroduction;
• Legal Aspects;
• Fire Theory;
• Propagation of Fire;
• Fire Classes;
• Fire prevention;
• Methods of Extinction;
• Extinguishing Agents;
• PPE (Personal Protective Equipment);
• Fire Fighting Equipment I and II;
• Detection Equipment, Alarm and Communications;
• Abandonment of Area;
• People with Reduced Mobility;
• Specific Risks of the Plant.

First Aid:
• Initial assessment;
• Airways;
• CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation);
• Bleeding;
• Handling, Removal and Transportation of Victims.

Technical Reference:
• NBR 14.276/2006 - Table B.1 and B.2 out of NBR 14.276/2006 and NR-23.