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Personal Protective Equipment (NO)

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Personal Protective Equipment (NO)

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In collaboration with Munio LMS

English | Norwegian

Course Contents

Let's be honest, most people have painful memories from school days. The embarrassment, the heartbreak, the awful haircuts. Fortunately, the days are over. Students want to get right to the point, which is why this course has been condensed into engaging, manageable bits that you can take now, on the bus or anywhere, via mobile or desktop. Our courses provide students with important knowledge, information and confidence to do their job in a safe, healthy and sustainable way.

This course will be useful for anyone who needs to wear some kind of protective equipment in the workplace. This can mean construction workers or people working in factories or places where there may be danger. It is unlikely that there will be much use if you are a jockey.

PPE is the last line of defense against injury. You have no excuse for NOT having it, but why wouldn't you want to stay safe anyway?

WHY should I take this course?
At the end of the course there are some quick questions to test what you have learned, so we suggest taking notes. After all, you want to protect yourself from having to finish the course again. See what we did there?

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