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Working at Height for Wind Energy

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Working at Height for Wind Energy


LO1: Explain global and national legislation
LO2: Explain manufacturer and legal inspection periods
LO3: Explain the principles and importance of self-inspection of a full body harness for defects and significant wear
LO4: Correctly identify the standards markings and inspection dates on a full body harness
LO5: Explain the importance of correctly adjusting a full body harness
LO6: Explain documentation, instrument number and authorisation date
LO7: Explain how to store and maintain a harness
LO8: Explain why fall prevention is better than fall arrest
LO9: Explain the importance of personal safety when using work positioning lanyards
LO10: Explain the types and use vertical fall arrest systems
LO11: Explain periodic inspection requirements for fall arrest systems
LO12: Explain the legal requirements and various types of fall arrest lanyards
LO13: Explain the fall factor
LO14: Explain approved anchor points for fall arrest attachment
LO15: Explain the types and use of backup systems
LO16: Explain the risks posed by dropped objects
LO17: Explain which items constitute a dropped object hazard
LO18: Describe typical injuries that can occur as a result of a dropped object
LO19: Explain how to reduce the risk of dropped objects
LO20: Describe the contents of an evacuation kit
LO21: Explain the individual parts of the rescue equipment

Target Group

Renewable Energy Industry


No prerequisites are required to sit this course.


The assessment is taken during the course and is within the expected duration.

Course Contents

The aim of this course is to provide you with an awareness of legislation, risks, equipment and guidance to enable you to safely carry out work at heights in a wind turbine environment.

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