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Creating a Sustainable Culture of Excellence: The Power of CAVU's HPI Course

Create subject matter experts within your workforce to maintain human performance training and sustain operational excellence through CAVU's HPI Course.

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30. April 2023

High performing organizations demand operational excellence because the consequences of uncorrected errors are unacceptable. These are learning organizations where employees and contractors function as integrated teams.  Most organizations invest heavily in their tools and equipment, and they also demand specific levels of technical skills and knowledge.   Surprisingly though, many organizations never define or measure the human performance competencies they know they need.  CAVU’s mission is to help organizations develop and maintain Human Performance standards.

Human Performance Instructor Course

CAVU’s team of seasoned instructors assist organizations with developing a sustainable culture of operational excellence. Then, to maintain the gains CAVU develops within your team, they offer the Human Performance Instructor (HPI) Course: a five day, in-person course designed with the purpose to create Human Performance subject matter experts within the client’s own workforce. Upon graduation, individuals will be capable of performing high-quality engagements within their teams, in order to maintain human performance training on-site and ensure a high level of operational excellence can be sustained. However, the HPI course is not for every employee - it is meant for those workers within an organization that demonstrate high levels of competency, commitment, and motivation. Prior to attending the HPI course, students must have been nominated by their supervisor, complete CAVU’s Leadership Pro Online Course, and have successfully passed the corresponding test to demonstrate sufficient mastery of the subject matter.

The HPI course is largely modeled upon the framework of the Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program (TOPGUN). The course is structured into three modules, equipping the students with the foundation, skills, and tools needed to become an HPI in their organization. Upon completing the course, HPI graduates will receive an invitation to attend an HPI Refresher Summit every two years. This summit will provide them with an opportunity to review the latest material, techniques, and trends that have been developed since their initial training.

Within the HPI course, students also get access to CAVU’s Leadership PRO online course. This course offers an online library of relevant and engaging videos that students can connect to real-world situations - all accessible from phone, tablet or laptop.  Students can access regularly updated material in a growing library of usable and relevant information. In the 70+ videos, CAVU covers important fundamentals on leadership, continuous improvement and team resource management. Through this course, CAVU manages to deliver the fundamental skills and actions that transform participants into great leaders.

  • Leadership Fundamentals: Leadership vs. Management, Leadership Principles & Traits, Leadership Styles, Delegation, Difficult Conversations, Strategic Communication, Mentoring, Leading Remote Workers, Goal Setting
  • Continuous Improvement: Prepare/Plan, Communicate/Act, Debrief/Review, Capture/Review
  • Team Resource Management: Leadership, Situational Awareness, Decision Making, Communication, Teamwork, Human Factors

The Operational Excellence Triangle: Understanding the Three Sides

CAVU defines operational excellence as the integration of advanced equipment, technology, and verifiable technical skills and human performance competencies in all daily operations. This definition is depicted with an operational excellence triangle, where each side is critical to maintaining operational excellence. If any side is removed, operational excellence is lost.

Despite many companies investing heavily in technology and advanced equipment, they often fail to define or measure the necessary human performance competencies. CAVU's mission is to help organizations build the third side of the operational excellence triangle by setting human performance standards. 

The human performance instructor (HPI) course ensures companies can develop a sustainable culture of operational excellence. Through this course, CAVU ensures that operational excellence can be sustained even after their consultants have left the client’s work site.


CAVU's Human Performance Instructor Course, based on the Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program,  helps organizations create subject matter experts within their workforce to maintain human performance training and sustain operational excellence. To learn more, visit CAVU’s website or read more about our partnership here

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